Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Lord's Prayer -- A Paraphrase

Our God, who dwells in heaven,
hallowed, sacred and holy be your name.

Your kingdom come, right here in our midst and in our presence,
just as your kingdom exists beyond where our eyes can see.

Your will, not ours be done. Your will, not our limited attempts
to get what we want or what we think is ours to claim.

Give us this day enough; enough for what we need,
enough for what will nourish us and give us strength and courage;
in our bodies, in our hearts, in our minds and in our souls.

Lead us not only away from temptation,
but open our eyes, hearts and minds to that which truly tempts us.
When we are tempted to pull out the speck in someone else's eye,
help us to feel the log in our own.
When we are tempted to give into hate for those who disagree with us,
for those who see differently than us, for those who hate us,
overwhelm us with your love so that we may overwhelm others
with the same. 

Deliver us from the darkness of evil that comes disguised as light.

Ultimately and always, this is Your kingdom.
Ultimately and always, Your power reigns and Your glory shines.

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