Monday, December 24, 2012

A Poem for Christmas Eve

Nights with a newborn
Are anything but silent
Darkness’s deep stillness
Broken by wails
Hunger or loneliness
A need for holding

Worse than the cry
Is a too long quiet
Anxious listening follows
Waiting for steady drumming
One tiny heartbeat
Whispered sighs of breath

You arrived as
We all do
Tears of pain on your
Mother’s face mingled
With those of joy
When her eyes
 Met yours

What birth is not
Accompanied by
great expectations?
What birth is not
Filled with

But was ever
There a child born
That carried
Such longings
Of a world enveloped
In darkness
More than you?

Was there ever
A birth so
Humble, yet
So holy

Was there ever
A child born
Foretold by prophets
Preceded by glory
Already bearing names
Grand and great for one
So small

Mighty God
Everlasting Father
Prince of Peace

Our Prince
Our peace
In this dark night
In this silent night
That is our longing
Our dream
Our hope


A baby,
Usher God in
With your first cry
Angels sing
The lowly rejoice

A man,
Usher the Kingdom in
With your word
What is broken
Is whole
What is lost
Is found

On this night
This silent night
The beginning
The end
The evermore
We welcome
In a newborn’s cry


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