Thursday, September 8, 2011

It Seems to Me ...

It seems to me is a phrase I use often in my preaching. It seems to me that I remember reading about the potency of using this phrase in the book As One Without Authority by Fred Craddock. My memory is often a bit dim these days, so if I'm attributing the wrong phrase to the wrong author or the wrong phrase to the right author or the right phrase -- well you get my point -- then I offer my sincerest apologies. What I do remember in connection with this phrase was that it was a way for the preacher to impart theological, biblical and spiritual truths without claiming to be an expert.

Well no wonder I latched onto that! I am not an expert at this business of theology or spirituality or religion or anything else. I know when I step into the pulpit every Sunday that I take an enormous leap of faith that my understanding and interpretation of the particular passage of scripture will hold some truth, some glimmer of an insight that might mean something to somebody.

But I do think I have something to say and experiences to share. So that's what this blog is for. As a pastor and as a person, I hope this blog gives me a venue to speak up and out. And if I have any followers out there, perhaps you'll be willing to speak up as well.

So deep breath everybody. Here we go.

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  1. Those who blog or who love blogs welcome Amy Lou's foray into the field. No doubt this will be one of the most followed blogs. And the fuchsia background is awesome. The hummingbird is an especially nice touch....